Thank you for coming to this website.
I know that your being here is not a coincidence. The healing that you are seeking...I know The Lord has provided for you. I feel where you are at this point in your life. I was there for a long time myself. I found a breast lump in 1997...and as I lay on a cold, hard operating room table, surrounded by 8 strangers who prepared to cut a piece of my body out for a biopsy, I began to cry. My prayer to God was, "You have to show me how to reverse these things naturally because I don’t believe this is where I’m supposed to be. I’m NEVER coming back for one of these again, so if You don’t show me how to reverse this, I’ll just die with the next one..."

I never went back. Instead, I began to meet many natural, wholistic healers who began to teach me how to detoxify, alkalize, and nourish my body. And the next breast lump that came...well...I reversed it naturally, using the information God allowed me to learn. I have shared what I’ve learned with my patients over the years and they, too, have recovered when "they were not supposed to..."

This is a different kind of healing. I am a different kind of doctor. I am a vessel of healing and my desire is to see you recover from whatever illness has you thinking that this is how life will be for you.
No matter what you are dealing with — whether Breast Lumps, Uterine Fibroids, Prostate Disorders, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cancer, or whatever else it may be – we’re all in this together because your healing enriches my life. Your healing is the healing of the world because as you heal, you’ll share your testimony with someone else, giving them hope and solutions to this problem called dis-ease that was solved years ago on a cross.

My most fervent passion is for the healing of people with HIV/AIDS and Cancer. My journey has led me to discover that in 1931 Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for discovering the cause of Cancer: acidic pH and low oxygen content in the blood! In his and others' research, they found that cancer (and viruses) CANNOT SURVIVE in a nutrient-dense, properly balanced alkaline pH with high oxygen content. All we have to do is work together to change your body’s pH and your body will heal itself! There is no excuse for you to be sick and no reason for you to walk it out alone. Let’s take the journey together so you can be whole; body, soul and spirit.

Call me and let’s get going...

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