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This Vitamin C is (NON-GMO) liposome-encapsulated allowing for better absorption and achieves superior blood levels without gastrointestinal (GI) upset. Using patented technology, LivOn Labs is the first dietary supplement company to utilize liposomal encapsulated technology, scientifically proven to enhance cellular and blood absorption so you absorb AND USE more of what you take. How? They wrap the Vit C in double-layered essential phospholipid spheres ("liposomes" = the same material that makes up our cells' walls). This protects the vinamin through the digestive system and transports it into the bloodstream for absorption into our cells -- unlike some pills/powders that may irritate the intestines causing diarrhea when taken in higher therapeutic doses. So, you get all the benefits of high-dose Vit C without the gastric distress. Proper Vit C levels are essential for the body to be able to support antibodies, as it enhances the function of phagocytes, a type of white blood cell that envelops pathogens and other dangerous particles -- these cells are some of the most important front line warriors in our body's natural defense system. Liposomal Vit C provides a powerful way to fortify the front lines of the immune system as they fight for our well-being and help our body heal itself (documented in multiple studies on PubMed). As an antioxidant, Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals and oxidative stress, a result of living in a toxic environment. You enjoy resultant joint health/pain improvement, maintain healthy blood sugar/blood pressure, prevent/reverse abnormal cell growth by supporting cellular health,  support healthy bone mass and much more. The majority of Vitamin C in America is made from GMO corn and will not produce in our body the healing effects/results we expect and deserve! No healing arsenal ought to be without this!  100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee!!!

Telephone Consults available to determine maximum recommended prescriptive dose by Remote Kinesiology for advanced dis-eases, if requested.

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Ascorbic Acid

What is Ascorbic Acid?

Ascorbic acid is another name for Vitamin C. Vitamin C is important to the body's diet. It helps in healing and fighting off disease and infections. But it is also helpful in processing carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It helps the body generate blood vessels, collagen, muscle and cartilage.

Vitamin C is found naturally in fruits and vegetables. Sometimes a person's diet may not contain enough Vitamin C and could need Vitamin C supplements. It may be useful when traveling in places where fresh fruits and vegetables are not readily available.



Vitamin C powder can be consumed by mixing it with water. Be sure not to use high concentrations as it has a very sour taste. Some may prefer to sprinkle it over food or put tiny amounts on the tongue, followed by a glass of water.The powder is an effective form for people who cannot swallow pills.

Vitamin C may also be used to prevent oxidation. As an example in its use, it can be sprinkled onto fruits prior to freezing them to prevent the fruits from browning (a sign of oxidation).


There is a range of 4.5g-6g, or 4500-6000mg of ascorbic acid per teaspoon of this ultra-fine powder. Ultra fine powder has a much smaller particle size. The smaller particle sizes are much easier to dissolve into liquids and will also stay suspended in that liquid for a long time if it is in high concentration. When high concentrations of ascorbic acid need to be dissolved, the Ultra Fine powder is much easier to work with; but always make sure you take it in divided doses throughout the day to allow better absorption (i.e. if you take 2 teaspoons, place in glass jar of 16-32 ounces purified water, shake/wait til dissolved, refrigerate and sip throughout the day).


There have been successful coronavirus reversals in 2020 using L-Ascorbic Acid both intravenously (IV) and orally.



Prescription amount will be determined by Kinesiology

Ionic/Colloidal Silver has long been known to have antibacterial qualities. Prior to the development of antibiotics, colloidal silver was used extensively within the medical community. Today, hospitals use ionic silver bandages for burns and infections. In addition, silver compounds are used for severe burns and as drops in the eyes of newborn babies. Silver is also found in water and air filters. Silver compounds have a larger particle size and can have the side effect of creating argyria (blue tint to skin) if taken internally on a regular basis. This Ioinic/Colloidal Silver is made using .9999 pure silver wires and compounds are not created so there is no risk of argyria when taken as directed. I make this myself, so purity and potency is guaranteed; many formulations found in stores are so dilute and/or impure that they can't and don't provide the healing that you expect and deserve for the price. Storage: Keep in dark glass bottle – never metal – and store in a dark place. Over time, sunlight or room light will degrade Colloidal Silver by turning the solution grey or black – just as exposure to light darkens the silver in camera film. When stored as described, it retains freshness for many weeks. It is suggested, however, that you use as freshly as possible. (Light neutralizes positive charges on silver ions that help keep the particles in suspension. If settling occurs, you know it is losing potency.) Do not freeze or expose Ionic/Colloidal Silver to rapid extremes of temperature (such as a hot car) or its usefulness will be affected. Do not drink any sediment.

MSM (Organic Sulphur), 2lbs or 500 Tablets - $120

One of the most effective natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving nutritional supplements known. MSM is the flexible bond between proteins. When a cell dies, a new cell takes its place. If we are lacking enough MSM, the cell attaches but becomes rigid and loses the ability to flex back. A wrinkle is cells that have become rigid and lost the ability to flex back, so they stay bent. This is commonly known as the aging process! Arthritis pain and stiffness are greatly reduced with the use of MSM. MSM softens tissue, relieves stress, asthma, arthritis, inflammation, constipation, candida, detoxifies the bod, increases blood circulation, reduces muscle cramps and back pain, permits muscles to heal, increases energy and mental calmness, and improves the ability to concentrate. MSM scavenges 125 free radicals, relieves allergies to foods and pollens and helps the liver produce choline. It controls acidity in the stomach and ulcers, coats the intestinal tract so parasites lose the ability to hang on, helps with hyper-sensitivity to drugs, increases the ability to produce insulin, is important for carbohydrate metabolism and speeds wound healing. MSM plays an important role in tissue breathing, which is the process where oxygen and other substances are used to build energy. MSM is no more toxic than water. It can never hurt anyone. Any excess MSM in your system will stay in the blood stream for 12 hours and remove toxins and clean the interior walls of arteries. Side effects: Your fingernails and hair will grow faster and become stronger. For maintenance most adults start with ½ teaspoon twice a day and children take 1/4 teaspoon twice a day. For therapeutic dose (for arthritis, diabetes, pain etc.) start with 1 heaping tablespoon twice a day with 1,000 mg of vitamin C. MSM eye drops work wonders on glaucoma and other eyes challenges. MSM is a great addition to any supplemental program.


Iodine, alone, assists with and is essential for metabolism, mental clarity, hormone balancing, weight loss, normal sleep patterns, detoxification, and energy. Some people have sensitivities to regular iodine formulations. When loaded with BioDynamicPhoto Therapy, the therapeutic light energy and frequency is "stored" in the solution, adding to your cells' energetic intake.


Contains several of nature’s green and detox super-foods in proportions specifically designed for you! Your dosage of each superfood is determined by Kinesiology to ensure that you get what you need for where you are on your own healing journey!



The purest, most potent ionized water recommended by progressive health care providers for decades. Free Samples given with Education and Mini-Consultations to determine your fastest way to alkalize and heal your body naturally! Go to www.GoodHealingWater.com and click on"VIDEOS" then conveniently PURCHASE YOUR IONIZER ONLINE! Sign up on the website above for Free Education and Newsletters to learn more! Click on Buy Now on the website to purchase your Ionizer today or contact me to help with your order; I would love to be your Sponsor (ID# 544095) and Mentor! This is the only Ionizer sold in the US that claims the WATER QUALITY ASSOCIATION CERTIFICATION in 4 areas, including chemicals, heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs, and other known toxins. Be sure to order an extra filter at the time of your purchase!

ENAGIC BEAUTY WATER pH 4.5 (+Colloidal Silver), 32 oz Spray Bottle - $10

All-Purpose Disinfectant & Cleaner for Body And Home, effective in relieving and reversing multiple skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis in days -- without toxic side effects!


10 Curses That Block the Blessing

By Larry Huch / Whitaker House Publishers

Have you been suffering with depression, family dysfunction, marital unhappiness, or other problems and been unable to overcome them? Within the pages of this book, Ten Curses That Block the Blessing, Larry Huch shares his personal experience with a life of anger, drug addiction, crime, and violence. He shows how he broke these curses and reveals how you can:

  • Restore your health and wealth
  • Receive dominion - what it is and how to use it
  • Recognize the signs of a curse,
  • End cycles of abuse and violence
  • Be set free from generational curses
  • Bring your children to Christ


23933EB: 10 Curses That Block The Blessing - eBook 10 Curses That Block The Blessing - eBook
By Larry Huch / Whitaker House
86015: Strongman"s His Name . . . What"s His Game? An Authoritative Biblical Approach to Spiritual Warfare Strongman's His Name . . . What's His Game? An Authoritative Biblical Approach to Spiritual Warfare
By Drs. Jerry & Carol Robeson / Whitaker House

Don't just treat the "symptoms" of evil---get at the spiritual root! The Robesons reveal 16 demons mentioned by name in Scripture; how to bind them by identifying their "fruit"; and how to cast them out according to Matthew 18:18. Be freed from Satan's shackles and reach the world for Christ! 179 pages, 8.5" x 11" softcover from Whitaker.

Strongman's His Name, What's His Game - eBook
By Drs. Jerry & Carol Robeson / Whitaker House


How to Wage Spiritual Warfare in the Last Days

An important spiritual law was revealed by Jesus in Luke 11:21-22 and Matthew 12:29, "How can one enter into a strongman's house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strongman? And then he will spoil his house." 


Now, instead ov "binding" symptoms, we can attack the sixteen strongmen or demonic spirits mentioned by name in the Bile! If God names them, they are real, and He has given us dominion over them through the Name of Jesus!


Strongman's His Name/Strongman's His Name II, 2 Volumes
By Drs. Jerry & Carol Robeson / Whitaker House Publishers



Did you know that you can think yourself into a sickness? Most people with an illness have a thought pattern that helped to create it. This is good newsbecause it means that you can also think yourself right back into healing! This New York Times Bestseller has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. Louise's key message in this powerful work is: "If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed." Louise explains how limiting beliefs and ideas are often the cause of illness, and how you can change your thinking...and improve the quality of your life and health! Packed with powerful information-you'll love the tangible results of heart and health healing in this gem of a book!

You Can Heal Your Life By Louise Hay / Hay House




The Master Cleanser: Original Edition The Master Cleanser diet otherwise known as the lemonade diet has been around close to 50 years. It's the easiest, most delicious, effective cleansing and weight loss diet available. You can feel good and get rid of what ails you. This diet has been used for every health problem with great success.


The Master Cleanser

By Stanley Burroughs

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If There Were A Natural Cancer Therapy Stronger Than Chemo…Without Side Effects, would you want to learn about it? Would you want to use it? Why this one-minute therapy is being suppressed in the U.S. while more than 15,000 European doctors have been using it to heal millions of patients...Gain access to scientifically validated natural therapies for life-threatening diseases, including diabetes, infections of all kinds, and cancers…a remedy that costs pennies per day and deliverers great success.


In This Book, Learn How a Simple Formula Has Been Scientifically Proven to Cure Cancer and Virtually All Diseases



THE ONE MINUTE CURE by Madison Cavanaugh

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