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In the summer of 1985, I worked at Stanford University with Dennis Choi, M.D. and Ph.D. in Neurology on a neurological research project entitled "Neurological Study of Glutamate Neurotoxicity and Autoradiography Implementation." I assisted Dr. Choi in identifying GABAergic neurons injured by glutamate neurotransmitter excess. I also researched and developed an autoradiography assay for high-affinity GABA uptake into cortical neurons in cell culture. All that is just fancy words for how we studied the effect of excessive amounts of glutamate on brain cells.

Glutamate is a neurotransmitter (chemical substance) that is naturally made by the brain. In order for the brain cells to receive stimulating information, this chemical is passed from one cell to another. In other words, to tell your brain something tastes good, you brain sends this chemical to the cells, causing excitement...hence the "good taste" sensation.

Dr. Choi found that in excess (i.e. from drug or food sources that contain glutamate – such as monosodium glutamate, also known as MSG) the brain cells become continually stimulated and die as a result.
This overstimulation is manifested in our bodies as an overwhelming feeling that the food we are eating is DELICIOUS! NEVER BETTER! I’VE GOT TO HAVE MORE!

Although MSG is called a "flavor enhancer," it does nothing to the flavor of food! It is not a preservative and it has no nutritional value. However, it does affect the person using it and is often followed, in instances of overindulgence, by brain cell death. That’s right...the brain cells die! This is why some folks suffer from "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome" – headaches and/or nausea – after eating Chinese food. The headache is caused by rapidly deteriorating brain cells. People who are susceptible to migraine headaches may get this same sensation after eating foods containing MSG because the brain cells are being overstimulated and TOLD that the food tastes excellent...when it actually does not. Some food producers may use regular or lesser quality foods and simply add MSG to trick your brain into thinking it tastes wonderful. This information came out in the 1980s and 1990s and is why so many Chinese restaurants now have signs that say:‘We Don’t Use MSG!’ They were losing business as folks found out that the food additive was making them sick! But guess what? The food in our own kitchens may not be the best quality or taste great until we

accent (hint, hint – read the ingredients) them with these chock-full-of-MSG seasonings and flavor enhancers! One of the most popular flavor enhancers on the market is nothing more that pure MSG in powder form! And it is still  being sold, despite Dr. Choi and others having proved that excess glutamate kills brain cells!

We need to be vigilant in reading food labels. MSG is recorded on the packages as an ingredient in many seasonings/condiments, processed foods, snacks, TV dinners, salad dressings...heck, even flavored popcorn and cheese curls have it. This is why people are addicted to the "yummy flavor" of many fast, junk, and processed foods. This addictive "taste drug" also drives us to overeat because your brain keeps telling you, "Eat More! This Is Great! Don’t Stop!" Hence, obesity can develop. It has little to do with good taste and much more to do with a chemical that causes taste addiction, while killing your brain cells. No wonder "no one can eat just one"...READ THE LABEL!


Women are not meant to smell like fish. Fish are meant to smell like fish.

Women are not supposed to have daily discharge that forces us to wear panty shields and set about the task of spraying air freshener, frantically and frequently perfuming ourselves in an effort to "cover up" the odor that lies below. It is true that women produce discharge daily...but it is in small amounts of clear to white, odorless, non-itchy fluid that dries almost immediately when it hits the air. It is practically unnoticeable. If you have a frequent watery discharge that causes you to feel wet throughout the day, causes slight irritation to the skin, or has a fishy smell, this is for you. You have BV.

Bacterial Vaginosis is the most common cause of symptomatic vaginal discharge. All women typically have nine (9) different bacteria that live in the vagina in perfect harmony. I know that sounds like a lot, but it isn’t. These "Nice Nine" create a perfectly balanced, acidic environment in the vagina that prevents infection from other sources like yeast or fungus and some sexually transmitted diseases. Truth be told, the normal, acidic vagina creates a hostile environment that stops nearly everything from growing in that dark, wet place. The bacteria that causes BV IS one of the Nice Nine, but if our body gets out of balance, the Nice Nine get out of balance and infection is the result. Now, many things can cause our bodies to get out of balance; not eating well (four to five servings of fruit and vegetables each day), not sleeping well (six to nine hours of sleep each night, including the hours of 10pm - 2am), and being under too much stress are three of the most common causes of vaginal/body imbalance. Foreign bodies (e.g. tampons, female condoms, diaphragms and contraceptive sponges) can cause irritation and alter the balance of the vagina. The vaginal balance can also be disrupted by douching or by using feminine hygiene products, bubble baths, local medications, or antibiotics. (Yes, I said douching can cause the problem. When we douche, we’re rinsing out the "good bacteria" – one of which is Lactobacillus – as well as what we think is causing the odor, so we’ve removed the very Nice Nine that would have fixed the problem. As a matter of fact, the vagina is self-cleaning, so we never need to douche [unless told to do so by your Health Care Provider]. If a woman douches to rid herself of the symptoms of BV, the problem can be worsened because douching helps further deplete the vaginal defense system. In other words, the BV infection and/or douching can alter other immunologic defenses and may render a woman more vulnerable to other infections, including HIV!

How do you know if you have Bacterial Vaginosis? Patients usually have profuse vaginal discharge with a fishy odor. Unfortunately, many women consider the symptoms of BV to indicate poor hygiene, rather than a medical problem and they fail to seek medical attention. Women will often buy "over-the-counter-smell-better" products or even vaginal yeast medicines in efforts to self-treat, but the problem doesn’t go away. And it really is no joke because BV is associated with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), a disease that, if it remains untreated, can lead to infertility; preterm labor and delivery in the pregnant woman; and increased risk for infection following gynecologic surgery. Antibiotics from a Doctor, Naturopath, or Herbalist are required to eliminate the infection.

Even with a successful treatment, a high percentage of patients will get it again. Twenty-five to 30% of women will develop recurrent BV in 4 to 6 weeks; nearly 70% will have BV again within 90 days; and up to 80% will get at least one other episode of BV within one year. The symptoms recur because a normal vaginal balance was not re-established after successful therapy. Remember, the Nice Nine need a well-balanced diet, adequate rest, and effective stress-relievers to stay in place.

Although BV is not classically considered a sexually transmitted disease (STD), it is sexually associated...meaning that individuals who are sexually active are more likely to contract this illness. It is possible for your partner to catch it from you. And, although males don’t usually have any symptoms, he CAN give you a fresh dose of BV with each encounter.

To reverse or prevent BV, be sure to stop doing any of the things listed above that foster its growth. Garlic is a natural antibiotic that helps kill excess unwelcome bacteria in the vagina and throughout the body, restoring balance to the Nice Nine. Consume 1 clove of fresh garlic in the diet three times daily or you may take 1-2 garlic oil capsules three times daily instead, if you don’t like eating fresh garlic. For those who dislike garlic scent even in a capsule, tasteless, odorless garlic pills exist, but they are less potent and you’ll need more to achieve the same results. Acidophilus in the diet also helps put "good bacteria’ where it is needed. Many oral herbal female reproductive system cleansers will not only assist with the symptoms of fibroids, they can help rid you of BV and cause such a great cleansing and balancing to your vaginal environment that you will smell sweet, like fruit – yes, fruit...never again like fish!

If you think you have Bacterial Vaginosis, speak to your Health Care Provider about herbal options and cures for maintaining balance in your body.
I wish you great health and happiness!


Selah is a word from the Bible. It is a sort of punctuation used in the book of Psalms that means, "Pause. Stop and think about what you just read. Weigh it and consider its value." I’ve got something I’d like you to think about...


Many of us are becoming more conscientious about our food choices. We want to know if they are organically grown fruits and veggies, GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), or hormone/antibiotic-laden meats. We often hear about steroids and hormones being given to cows, pigs, poultry, and even fish, in order to make them more fertile, fatten them up, and speed them through the growth process. But what is the cost to us if, and when, these substances transfer from animals to humans?

It’s called intensive farming: a method used to maximize growth with minimum amount of feed. Included in this process is the practice of administering growth hormones and estrogen derivatives [E2] to livestock. Well, a growth hormone does just that in farm animals – it promotes growth. In short, it makes them grow bigger, faster. They go from embryo to adulthood in record time. No more waiting months and years for natural growth and maturation. And their size? Have you seen the size of a chicken leg, lately? They look like turkey legs!!!

The problem doesn’t stop there. The estrogen derivatives [E2] I mentioned earlier are fertility drugs. Doling out more of these drugs means that the cows, pigs, poultry, and fish will reproduce more often, lay more eggs, and grow fatter, faster. All of this translates into higher profits for farmers and ranchers. Now...here comes the most disturbing part. What if these substances affect us as consumers?

Many steroids are biologically active hormones that pass through the bloodstream and cause a specific reaction on a particular tissue. These hormones do not know and do not care what creature they are in...they simply search for the target tissue and do their job. So, in the cow, the E2 will search out breast and reproductive organ tissues and cause them to grow. In the human, it will do the same...regardless of whether you are male or female! That’s right! We’ve heard rumors that maybe it’s the hormones in the meats that caused little Johnnie to grow so tall or little Suzie to develop breasts at such an early age.

But what about adult males?

"All is not well with the world when French men start growing breasts." This is a quote from an article inTIME Magazine, "Hard To Swallow" July 5, 1999. It was discovered in the late 1950s that a pellet of E2 was implanted under the skin in the neck of chickens. This made the chickens grow and reproduce faster. But...the macho men who worked in that food market and consumed large quantities of chicken necks began to grow breasts. The article goes on to say, "When the connection was eventually made, the men were relieved to see their breasts deflate." This finding "contributed to the first regulation to avoid substance transfer from animals to humans." The E2 used in France was later linked to glandular cancers and birth defects. On January 1, 1989, "Europe jointly outlawed hormones in food" (but illegal trade continues). Not so in this country. It is legal here. Our farmers and ranchers can add hormones to meats at their discretion.

Recently, I spoke to an endocrinologist (a doctor who specializes in hormones and their effects on the body) and I spoke to a fellow who had undergone hormonal treatments for gender reassignment. This is what I found out: E2 is the first hormone given in regular daily doses in order to start "feminizing" changes. The changes expected are: breast development, slowing of body hair growth, loss of muscular upper body development, fullness of the hips, and softening of the skin. Emotional alterations: he becomes more emotional, has decreased libido (sex drive) and is calmer. However, the endocrinologist cautions his male clients: "If you decide to undergo hormone treatment, think through your options if you desire to have children, as prolonged hormone therapy will likely render you irreversibly sterile..."

Incidentally, the tissue of the male prostate is very similar to that of the uterus and there are possible links to prostate enlargement and cancer as a result of excess E2 in males. Studies have found that the incidence of prostate cancer is greater in men with lower T/E2 ratios (lower Testosterone and higher E2 levels) than in men with higher Testosterone and lower E2 levels (The John R. Lee, M.D. Medical Letter [March 2002]).

Now, what effect does E2 have on teenage and adult females?

Excess E2 stimulates the breast and uterus to grow. This may explain the enormous increase in breast lumps and uterine fibroids that I have noticed in my patients over the past ten years. In large amounts, excess E2 is converted by the female body into Testosterone...the hormone responsible for male development. The endocrinologist answered the same questions regarding female to male gender reassignment changes. Testosterone is the hormone given to women who wish to become men. The changes expected are:

increase in body hair, beard growth, increased muscle mass, male pattern baldness, deepening of the voice and, commonly, she may develop acne. Emotional alterations: she becomes more aggressive/assertive, and has increased libido.

How much hormone in our food is too much? I really don’t know...but to avoid the possibility of ingesting excess hormones, buy meat that is hormone-free/antibiotic-free and free-range from stores that advertise such. We’ll probably pay more, but what is your health worth to you?


Alkaline, Electric-Charged (Electrolyzed/Reduced), Anti-oxidant Water [ERW]:

Look up ERW on Pubmed.gov for clinical studies on its miraculous health benefits!!!

ERW (Electrolyzed Reduced Water) was introduced to me via a Live Presentation in 2007 and endorsed by several Medical Doctors and Holistic Healers as I researched options for the best drinking water for healing. It is the highest grade alkalized, ionized, antioxidant, purified water on the market today and, as a result, there's only one manufacturer whose company was awarded prestigious certifications from the Water Quality Association in all four areas of purity: CLICK LINKS BELOW TO SEE WHICH ONE! These water ionizers are referred to as a "MEDICAL DEVICE" from Japan. Some of my personal experiences and testimonies from patients who drink ERW are below: 


This information is for educational purposes only. Education about ERW is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

It is NOT a substitute for seeking medical care from a licensed physician!

Malignant Breast Cancer patient who quit her radiation therapy (opted instead to do my Detox Plan & drank 1 gallon ERW daily) was cancer free in four months!

Acid Relux patient stated relief with first glass; no longer buys antacids!
Throat Cancer patient began detoxing (coughing up excess mucus) after one cup!
Bladder Infection cleared without prescription medications!

Eleven year history of Prostatitis symptoms (painful urination and discharge) disappeared within 24 hours of drinking ERW!

Recurrent Lung Cancer patient was cancer-free within three weeks!
Pituitary Brain Tumor in a child patient; cancer-free in two months!
Toxic Edema (swelling of feet and legs)- gone in a few days!
High Blood Pressure and Diabetes - Patients returned to their doctors and the dosage of medication was reduced and, in some, completely eliminated!
Sickle Cell Anemia patient stated no crises, attacks, or fatigue since he began drinking water two months ago!
Obesity - it properly alkalizes the body, allowing the body to be more balanced. People have lost excess weight. (THIS IS NOT A DIET!)

Bacterial Vaginosis/Vaginitis and Yeast Infections - completely healed because these infections cannot survive the pH-balanced environment. BV & Yeast happen as a result of an imbalance. When your body is pH balanced the issue is resolved.

"Black Toe"- Fungal Toenail Infections. Client began drinking the water and was so excited he returned to show me that his black toe was completely pink and healthy...in less than two months!

The ERW Machine, an "IONIZER" is a valuable investment – it is cheaper than cancer! The water is available to you as a patient/client of GMHH/C.J. Goodman, M.D., CNHP at each scheduled visit. During your appointments, you may drink this water, or you can stop by to fill up your empty water bottles. You can get an extra gallon free with any service of $100 or more.

Applications for purchase of the best ERW Ionizers are available upon request or ERW Ionizers may be purchased directly at www.GoodHealingWater.com. As our goals reflect, we are committed to and full of faith for your total healing.

We do encourage knowledge of the body and understanding of your own condition. Please make yourself available for our upcoming scheduled FREE DETOX SEMINARS so that the information you take home will not only change you, but heal the dis-ease in your family and friends!

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